Reconditioning and Rebuilding


There are four aspects of making adjustments and repairs to a piano: Repairing, Regulating, Reconditioning and Rebuilding.

Repairing is taking care of whatever is broken, whether it’s gluing parts back together or replacing the broken part with a new one.

Regulating is the process of adjusting the mechanical components of the piano to make them work correctly. (see Regulating and Voicing a Grand Piano and Regulating an Upright Piano pages.)

Rebuilding is the process of disassembling a used piano, and replacing all worn or deteriorated parts with new ones, and then reassembling and testing the instrument to the same tolerances as a new piano of like manufacture.

Reconditioning is the process of cleaning, repairing and adjusting a piano to maximum performance, using the original parts, replacing only those parts where specifically indicated.

Whether it’s repairing, regulating, reconditioning or rebuilding, you can count on Blees Piano to do it right.

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