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My name is Phil Glenn and I am a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technician’s Guild. I have been tuning and servicing pianos, and working in the piano manufacturing industry, since 1974.

In that time I have had the privilege of working along side many of the brightest and best in piano technology, building and engineering. Experts like Steinway V.P. and engineer, Joe Pramberger and the head of Yamaha Corp. America’s Technical and Concert Services, Yoji Susuki. I’ve worked with factories helping with design and quality control and managed service departments for major piano manufacturers U.S. corporate offices. I’ve tuned in recording studios and concert halls. Places such as the Hollywood Bowl and on pianos played by artists like Andre Watts, Chick Corea, and Elton John.

This unique experience, along with my continued passion for the instrument, has given me a knack for being able to look at any piano of any type, age, brand or condition, and quickly understand what is needed to make it sound and play it’s absolute best.

What I love most about my job is that I am able to travel around the islands while offering my piano experience to piano owners, families, churches, schools and others. I enjoy the challenge of bringing my highest level of expertise and care to any and every piano.

My wife Lyn and I moved to beautiful Hawaii to be closer to family.  We love the people and culture here. We want to share our passion and help everyone to make a joyous noise! 

Message from Wilm Blees

“After 45 years of tuning pianos, including the last 14 years on Oahu, I have decided to retire and move to St. Augustine Fl. From now on, your piano will be tuned by Phil Glenn.

I’ve known Phil Glenn for over 30 years. Trained by Yamaha Factory technician’s, Phil has recently been the head technician at top university school of music. I highly recommend him and feel fortunate to have someone so experienced to take care of my clientele. “

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